Twitter has blocked the account of its founder

Twitter заблокировал аккаунт своего основателя

Account has been blocked as a result of “internal error”

Twitter one of the founders of the microblog and head of the company Jack Dorsey was temporarily blocked in the evening of 22 November. As said Dorsey, his account has been blocked as a result of “internal error”, it was unavailable for about 15 minutes.

As it happened, technical difficulties, is not explained.

Previously Twitter has often been criticized for not in a hurry to block users promoting extremist and hostile views. In this regard, in November the company started active blocking supporters of the American movement “al-right” (alternative right, alt-right).

In particular, deleted the account of a famous American nationalist, advocated the superiority of the white race Richard Spencer.

Recall that Twitter decided not to close the app Vine.

According to the materials: