Two-headed bat videotaped

Двухголовую летучую мышь сняли на видео

Conjoined Siamese twins bat

According to scientists, the find is a rare phenomenon of conjoined twins bats.

In Brazil, scientists have discovered a two-headed bat. According to scientists, the remains of the animal represent the two bodies, fused into one, reports Livescience.

Examining the corpse of a bat specialists also noted that she had two hearts. The case of the discovery of conjoined twins bats is the third in history.

“I was absolutely amazed at this find. I’ve seen a large number of bats in my career, some of which had very interesting morphological features, but none of them were as awesome as the twins,” commented the find Marcelo Nogueira from the University of Rio de Janeiro.

The publication notes that the discovery of conjoined twins bat – a rarity, as they usually die immediately after birth, and their bodies eaten by scavengers.

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