Two members of the competitive Commission on election of the leadership of the state Bureau of investigation can replace the Ministry of justice

Двух членов конкурсной комиссии по избранию руководства Госбюро расследований могут заменить, - Минюст

Two members of the competitive Commission on selection of the leadership of the State Bureau of investigation may have to replace because of their lack of legal education. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Sevostyanova.

The reason for this decision may be the lack of legal education.

“At the moment this issue was raised in the addresses by the participants of this contest. Unfortunately, we are unable to establish these facts, we appealed to all the members of the Committee to have confirmed his legal education. Yet what do two members of such documents is not provided. We appealed to the authorities of destination because if there is a problem that it is eliminated, replacing them. It is important that all key decisions were made at least that number of votes which is required by law, and all these persons had a legal education. So, I’m sure, at this stage to appeal the Commission’s decision will not be possible,” she said.

Earlier the people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem reported that two members of the Commission (Ivan Stoyko and Vladislav buharev) do not have legal education.

“Now the competition Commission selects the leadership of this body, i.e. the Chairman and his deputies. The Commission consists of representatives of the presidential Administration, government and Parliament. Indeed, two members of the Commission representing the government and BP are not eligible. It is well known and BP, and the Cabinet. Now we turned to Mr. Groisman, who is silent in the Parliament, the Deputy speaker addressed the Committee, and he should answer,” – said Nayem in the air “112 Ukraine” today.

“I have still not received also response from the GPU, which I addressed with the statement about crime, that they should register in eRDR and have to investigate. They’re trying to make this appeal, not a statement about the crime… This means that any decision of the Commission, which involved these two people, can be appealed in court. If you elect the Chairman of the RRG, which are not satisfied with any branch of government, it will be able to challenge,” he added.

We will remind, the State Bureau of investigation – the Central Executive authority, who will carry out law enforcement activities with the purpose of prevention, detection, suppression, disclosure and investigation of crimes assigned to its competence. The law “On the State Bureau of investigation” was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 12 November 2015 and signed by the President on 14 January 2016. On March 1 it came into force.

81 the applicant has applied for the position of leadership of the state Bureau. The EU noted the importance of establishing a State Bureau of investigation transparent methods which would ensure its independence and credibility.