Two-meter robotic arm. NASA showed the probe InSight

Двухметровая рука робота. NASA показало зонд InSight

The picture shows the robotic arm that is used for installation of scientific instruments.

NASA released the spacecraft InSight, which depicted his robotic arm with a length of almost two meters. The photo was posted on the Agency’s website.

The arm allows the machine to install scientific instruments, which in turn helps to follow the process from Earth.

In addition, the engineers control all the actions of the probe through the Cam in the hand.

This probe explores the inner structure of the planet. It is the first device engaged in advanced study of crust, mantle, and core of the red planet. For these purposes, the machine uses modern tools that help to dive under the surface of Mars.

Earlier it was reported that the InSight probe made a successful landing on Mars at the end of November 2019. This probe is a twin of the Phoenix, which was sent to the Red planet in 2007.


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