Two months 58 MPs missed almost all of the vote in Parliament

За два месяца 58 нардепов пропустили почти все голосования в Раде

Called shirkers Happy for Jan-Feb

More than 50% of votes missed 259 people’s deputies, more than 90% of the vote and 58 deputies.

More than 90% of the vote in the Verkhovna Rada missed the 58 deputies, and nine did not vote even once. On Sunday, March 3, according to social movement Honest.

In particular, during voting in the Parliament were absent: Dmitry Dobkin (opposition bloc), independent Yevhen Bakulin, Konstantin Zhevago, Sergey Klyuev, Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky, Alexander Onishchenko, Nadezhda Savchenko, Dmitry Yarosh and the lion Pidlisetskyi (Samopomich).

At the same time people’s deputies Vadim Rabinovich (the Opposition bloc) and Valery Dubil (Fatherland) took part in only one vote of 304.

At the same time in Honestly pay attention to the fact that MPs do not always participate in the vote despite the presence in January-February presence was 77.6 per cent, and the vote – 41,1%.

It is also noted that more than 50% of votes missed by 259 people’s deputies, and more than 90% – 58 parliamentarians.

In the greatest number of votes not participated in the MPs group the will of the people (84%) and Rebirth (79%), the least – deputies from the popular front and the Samopomich (56%).

The greatest number of votes in January-February 2019 not called for the MPs from the faction Batkivshchyna (47,7%), unaffiliated (36,1%) and the Opposition bloc (31.1 per cent).



Recall that in January 2019, the deputies showed a record low level of participation in the votes of Parliament.

Earlier it became known about the penalties of deputies-shirkers. Another effective method, according to the speaker of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy, is the publication of the list were absent at the meeting.


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