Two months of lull, and again the Ukrainians can join the fight for $589 million

Два месяца затишья, и украинцы опять могут вступить в борьбу за $589  миллионов

The Mega Millions jackpot to date is $339 million, and the Powerball lottery jackpot – $250 million In total at stake for American lotteries over half a billion dollars.

For more than two months the largest jackpots American lotteries continue to grow. Together, the two lotteries offered more than half a billion dollars, amazing prizes to be won by participating in the sweepstakes this week.

By the way, the lack of jackpot winners means no winners at all. So, this month, another user of the site TheLotter has become a winner – a lucky guy from Iceland played the lottery Mega Millions and won $1 million dollars. The representative of the press service TheLotter has already recorded a phone call with the winner and soon the website will have all the details of the stunning win.

The largest win prizes in the lotteries of the United States. Thus, the results of the Mega Millions draw in October 2018, a huge prize of $1,537 billion went to South Carolina. The Mega Millions jackpot reached almost a world record.

It can be assumed that such huge prizes can be won only by American citizens, but it is not. According to the official web site Powerball, anyone can “buy a Powerball ticket … to participate in the raffle … and get prizes.” On the website clearly States: “You don’t need to be a citizen or resident of the United States to participate in the raffle.”

A citizen of Ukraine can come to the US, buy a ticket and wait for the results circulation. Or to participate in the draw online using a proven lottery service theLotter.

Два месяца затишья, и украинцы опять могут вступить в борьбу за $589  миллионов

Photo: TheLotter. Representative of the local office in the US buys tickets for clients for the upcoming draw

TheLotter has helped its clients win almost 100 million dollars since 2002. At the end of 2015, Iraqi won the Oregon Megabucks jackpot at 6.4 million dollars, in July 2017, a pensioner from Panamasta the sole winner of the jackpot in the Florida Lotto 30 million U.S. dollars. TheLotter has helped to create lottery millionaires in Iceland, Canada, El Salvador, Russia, Ukraine and Australia.

The representative of TheLotter’s Austin weaver noticed that this week there has been a huge growth in sales of Powerball tickets and Mega Millions. “The jackpots grow quickly, attracting a huge number of buyers. Our sotrudnichaet around the clock, processing the orders on the official lottery tickets for the customers. One of our clients could be the next big winner of the American lottery”, he said.