Two thirds of Ukrainians do not plan to rest this year – survey

Две трети украинцев не планируют отдыхать в этом году - опрос

Do not go anywhere in villages, some living in cities are planning trips around the country or abroad.

Two thirds of Ukrainians (64%) do not plan to rest this year. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of Kyiv international Institute of sociology.

It is noted that the number of those who will not go to rest, and inversely proportional to the level of financial security: the lower the income, the more those who will not go to rest, and Vice versa.

Those who plan to go abroad more among those who can afford to buy expensive things (16%).

Large differences regarding plans for a recreation among the inhabitants of villages and towns. So, 79% of villagers do not plan to go anywhere, only 3% are planning a trip to the country.

Those who are planning to go to Carpathian mountains and other Ukrainian destinations, twice that among urban residents (10%) compared to villages (5%)

The same situation with a trip abroad – 5% of urban residents and 2% of rural residents.

The study took place from 18 to 30 may. By means of personal interviews were interviewed 2025 respondents living in 108 settlements all over Ukraine (except Crimea and ORDO) on the stochastic sample, representative of the population of Ukraine over 18 years.

Note, according to the state statistics Committee, Ukrainians spend more money on bad habits, than on health, education, clothing, entertainment and leisure.


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