Two Ukrainian football referee have a Russian passport – source

Два украинских футбольных арбитра имеют российские паспорта - источник

Anatoliy Zhabchenko

Ukrainian football referee Yuriy Vaks and Anatoliy zhabchenko fly to the games via Russia

The journalists of the Golden whistle, which was released on 2+2 TV channel, found curious information about the two arbitrators, regularly serving matches of the championship of Ukraine – Anatoly Zhabchenko and Yuri the Wax.

Both are residents of Simferopol, but officially represent Khmelnitsky. According to the program, both the referee can have a Russian passport and dual citizenship, and the matches fly through Russia

“What can I say? A Russian citizen judges championship… he’s Got a Russian passport. It’s all you know, it’s no secret that it goes through Russia to officiate the matches of the championship of Ukraine. The football Federation of the eyes closes and the judiciary. All is well,“ said Yaroslav REMIK, ex-administrator of FC Prykarpattya.

It is reported that on Friday, the referees Committee will hold a meeting on which will be raised about media reports regarding received Russian passports by the referees of the Premier League Vaxom Yury and Anatoly Zhabchenko.

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