Two world wars were preceded by another – the scientists

Двум мировым войнам предшествовала еще одна - ученые

Scientists announced the existence of “world war zero”

In scientific works it is called “world war zero”.

In Western media there have been several articles stating that the two world wars was preceded by another called “world war zero”, which occurred back in antiquity, reports New Scientist. Under assumptions of experts, its finale was the Trojan war.

This theory was proposed by Swiss scientists. According to her first ever world war was started by lovecome – a nation akin to the Hittites, which existed in the 3rd Millennium BC, living in the South-West coast of Asia Minor.

Scientists say that luvisi, United in the “self-civilization”, defeated the Hittites, after which we went to war against Egypt. In the end, they managed to impress the New Kingdom.

The first world has led to the flourishing global brands

“The Egyptians called luvici “peoples of the sea”. After the invasion of Egypt luvici contributed to the end of the Mycenaean civilization and the beginning of the Trojan war,” said the Swiss researchers.

In the theory of “world war zero” scientists refer to the many written sources. In particular, and on archaeological findings that indicate the end of the Bronze age, accompanied by the destruction of the major cities of the Mediterranean.

At the same time to declare the absolute faithfulness of this theory is impossible. Still it is impossible to find out whether “the people of the sea” provoked the Trojan war, the fall of the Hittite Empire and the end of the Mycenaean civilization.

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