Two years of the presidency Poroshenko. Successes and failures

Два года президентства Порошенко. Успехи и провалы

As the Ukrainian President spent the first two years of his term.

On the eve of Petro Poroshenko marked the second anniversary of the presidency.

With this date coincided the return to Ukraine Hopes Savchenko, which somewhat took away the public attention from the round date Poroshenko.

The promises of the President over the past two years are analyzed quite carefully.

Кореспондент.net collected the major successes and failures in the work of the President.

Trust rating

To trust Petro Poroshenko continues to fall.

In December 2014 the trust rating of the President was equal to + 5% in December 2015, it has fallen to -40, and in may 2016-the year and completely rolled up to -48%.

According to a survey of center “Democratic initiatives”and Razumkov Center do not trust Petro Poroshenko almost 70% of Ukrainians, and trust only 22.5% of the population.


The main achievements of President experts include foreign and defence policy.

The main achievement of the second year of Poroshenko stay in their positions experts have called a stop to the escalation of hostilities in the Donbass.

Among other achievements of the President quite often think of fulfilling the conditions for visa-free regime with the EU, the creation of an efficient army and international support for Ukraine.

Last year it was the last step the experts has named the main achievement of the President.


In General, the experts evaluated the activities of the President Poroshenko during the second year of the tenure of 4.5 points on a 10-point scale.

A similar assessment for the first year of its activity amounted to 5.3 points.

Interaction with the Parliament, the experts rated at 5.1 points, interaction with the government, 4.5 points, fulfilling the role of guarantor of the Constitution and human rights and settlement of armed conflict in the Donbass – at 4.3 points, interaction with society – 3.9 points, reform – 3.7 points, fulfilling campaign promises is 3.2 points.

For the year expert assessment of the achievements of the President fell in all areas, though their order remained the same.

A failed personnel policy for the second year in a row remains a major failure of President Poroshenko. The main moments is the inability to choose a normal attorney-General. For the cadence Poroshenko was replaced by the third attorney General.

Other major failures Poroshenko in the second year, experts attributed the lack of progress in the fight against corruption, the failure of the prosecution reform, the slow pace of reforms and lack of progress in resolving the conflict in the Donbas.


The main task for the President in the domestic sphere, is to conduct a real fight against corruption. Last year the recommendation was also among the priorities.

In addition, the experts advised the President to implement judicial reform, to promote economic liberalization and complete the reform of law enforcement agencies.

In the international arena Poroshenko, according to experts, it is first necessary to strengthen the state’s course on European integration, to insist on the continuation of sanctions against Russia, to start negotiations for NATO membership and to review the format of the Minsk negotiations.

Political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko believes that second year of his presidency was the most difficult for all Ukrainian heads of state. According to him, the third year will be decisive for Poroshenko – he will either stop the negative trends and lay the basis for the second term, or will continue to slide into negativity.

Falling confidence in the President, the analyst relates primarily to the high expectations of Ukrainians to Poroshenko, which was formed after his election.