Two years was not like this. Fighting in the arc Svetlodarsk

Два года такого не было. Бои на Светлодарской дуге

Who attacked and who defended in the area of Svetlodarsk arc.

Such battles, like in the last week on the arc Svetlodarsk was not in the Donbass since the boiler under Debaltsevo, that is about two years.

The battle is over a small area about 1.5 by 1.5 kilometer.

As usual, the information about who started the fight and what are the losses, seriously varies.

Корреспондент.net gathered information about the battle on the arc Svetlodarsk.

What started

According to the official version of the Armed forces of Ukraine, the separatists are trying to dislodge Ukrainian forces from their positions near the village of Lugansk and to change the line of contact between the parties.

According to unofficial data, it was the onset of the APU, and the anti-terrorist operation forces even managed to take a new position, but soon they had to leave.

Два года такого не было. Бои на Светлодарской дуге


The battle began early on the morning of 18 December, about 6 in the morning. As reported by the ATO headquarters, after the enemy attack the Ukrainian military took the initiative, threw the enemy and carried out a counterattack into the flank of the insurgents.

The General staff said that during the battle killed five servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed forces, wounded six, ten shell-shocked and traumatized.

Alternative version

According to the newspaper the, began the attack the Ukrainian military to seize the heights on the boundary line.

“According to the plan we had to take a foothold, and then clean up the flanks to test the neutral – forest plantations. But it turned out that the landing was pre-equipped with the position of several heavy machine guns and a mortar battery. In the end our attacking company was caught in the crossfire and was forced, after several hours of fighting to leave a foothold. But it was too late – we lost nine soldiers of the “two hundredth” and several dozen “three hundred”. In addition, our positions in Svetlodarsk from fighters were launched artillery bombardment, which lasted almost a day. Our artillery replied to the militants, but a few hours later – they were afraid to “pour” the positions that our guys overcame the previously separable”, – said a source in the 54th brigade, which occupies a position on the arc Svetlodarsk.


Military medics to evacuate the wounded in the battles on the arc Svetlodarsk around the clock, said the commander of the medical company Valery Levanchuk.

“The evacuation. Best Cars bring the people and placed in reanimobile. Delivered in Bakhmut. Work round the clock. Crews are changed at six hours”, – told about the situation in the hottest part of Levenchuk.

Near the village of Lugansk works military point for first aid. There transporterowych wounded Ukrainian military in Bakhmut and the 65th military hospital.

The volunteers said that the wounded on the arc Svetlodarsk taken to the volunteer machines.

“Why the 25th battalion did not have any cars for export “x 300″? There is not a single machine in two extreme positions. In order to bring BK. We volunteers, bring to the forefront not only pies, but also ammunition. This is wrong. We are obliged to remove them to survive in their volunteer machines. And why this war is happening for the people’s money? Where’s state budget? And why now we shoot back, snap with small arms, if I now back working separsky behi, heavy mortars”.

The press center of staff ATO in response to this said that in the zone of combat operations on the arc Svetlodarsk lack of special transport and transport of wounded.

Version power

Ukrainian troops have stopped the advance of the separatists in the area of Svetlodarsk arc, and during the counter-offensive pushed forward, said the Secretary of national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov visited the forefront of the 54th brigade.

“The number of shells fired at our positions situated in the area of Svetlodarsk arc installed a kind of “record” – more than 800 per day,” said Secretary of the NSDC.

He noted that “despite the constant attacks and attempts to break through our defenses, the Ukrainian military bravely and professionally carried out its duty by stopping the enemy and inflicted significant losses”.

Turchynov added that the Ukrainian military, he moved forward and occupied new positions, “which gave them an additional advantage over the enemy in this sector of the defense.”

What the experts say

Fighting in Svetlodarsk the arc is hardly an attempt to break through, because the preconditions for large-scale offensive on the positions of Armed forces of Ukraine, according to the Director of military programs Razumkov Center Nicholas Sungurovsky and military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

According to Sungurovskiy, a continuation of the same policy of the Kremlin, which was before.

“That is, roughly speaking, a test of Ukraine and the West on endurance, attempt to force them to meet the requirements of the Kremlin”, – said the expert.

Zhdanov, in turn, believes that the separatists involved in the arc Svetlodarsk insufficient number of forces, so these fights can not be called a breakthrough attempt.

“If there went a tank battalion, then Yes, I would believe that this is really an attempt to break or reconnaissance of our positions. But now – this can be considered nothing more than firing provocation. They melee opened our defences, they began with small arms to answer, and artillery began to strike fire blows to the point where he said our,” – says military expert.