Tymoshenko insists that early parliamentary elections are only saving public funds

Тимошенко настаивает на том, что досрочные парламентские выборы – это только экономия госсредств

The leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko insists that the election is saving public funds, not expenses. She announced this during the press conference, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“If we leave everything as it is today, and if we do not change, immediately, the leadership of the state, the leadership of the government, the Parliament, the policy which is now in its second year, will finally destroy Ukraine… We will do everything to the country to convince of the need for early elections and to raise the people to protect their interests. Reproaches are doing today and what do they say opponents of early elections that elections cannot be conducted. A number of positions. Position number one that in a poor country can’t hold elections because they are expensive. It is cheating, elections are little more than 1 billion USD, but according to the same Yatsenyuk, using state of the Corporation as a result of such total corruption annually take more than 50 billion USD. Working offshore is 68 billion UAH, which falls short of the budget. Election is the economy and additional money for the state, not losses”, – said Tymoshenko.

Also, according to Tmoshenko, the allegations that former Party of regions in the great majority held in Parliament, does not correspond to reality. “All ratings indicate that support for the Opposition bloc in the country is not growing,” – said Tymoshenko.

Also, in her opinion, early parliamentary elections cannot be a “plan of Putin, because Putin’s plan is weak, economically not capable financial defeated Ukraine”.

“Therefore, the change of such a government that has led the state to this state is the opposite of the anti-Putin plan that gives Ukraine a chance to change the policy and make the country strong and the people much more wealthy,” she concluded.

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