Tymoshenko: the Earth is the only resource for Ukraine

Тимошенко: Земля – единственный ресурс для Украины

Now with the ground trying to do the same, what was the enterprises during privatization in the 90-ies, declare in BYUT.

To sell the land in time of war and chaos is a crime against the people, because the land is the only resource that will allow Ukraine to get on its feet. This was stated by the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko said in the program “Svoboda words” on ICTV channel.

“Buying land today is illegal. And earth now accumulated about 12-15 families in huge volumes, 500,000 to a million hectares in the hands of the same family. This means that it’s no longer belongs to the people of Ukraine. Today continues the purchase of land in informal ways. You know, at what price? Approximately 700 to $ 1,000. USA per hectare. It’s at the cost of a good phone to buy … It is not the price of our land”, – said Tymoshenko.

The intention of the authorities to allow the sale of agricultural land, it explains the desire of the agricultural monopolies to legalize the possession of hundreds of thousands of hectares. The politician also said that now with the ground trying to do the same thing that happened with the strategic enterprises during the paper voucher privatization in the 90-ies, when the clan and family bought people these vouchers “for a penny”.

Note, land reform, Ukraine rushing IMF, but the government still has not released the developed model.