Uasbgs: the Separatists fired at KPVV Marinka

ГПСУ: Сепаратисты обстреляли КПВВ Марьинка

Checkpoint fired

The checkpoint was shelled from small arms.

Fighters of the IAF on Wednesday evening, September 13, from small arms fired at the checkpoint “Marinka”, is spoken in the message of the SBS.

The terrorists opened fire from the village Aleksandrovka. As a result of shelling none of the Ukrainian military and civilians has not suffered. The guards return fire was not opened.

In state frontier service noted that for the past day militants violated ceasefire 41 times.

Earlier in the headquarters of ATO reported that the day of 13 September, recorded 25 attacks.

A deterioration in ATO: two wounded and 27 attacks


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