Uber stops tests of an unmanned taxi in California

Uber останавливает тесты беспилотных такси в Калифорнии

Uber notes that while the drone of a taxi just in case the drivers sit

In the so-called unmanned taxi service Uber driving still driver, which is a good support for automation.

The company Uber announced the suspension of testing unmanned taxi in San Francisco after California state regulators revoked her registration for self-driving cars.

“Now we are thinking of where and how we can use these vehicles, but we are 100% California remain faithful and redouble our efforts to devise appropriate Federal laws,” – said in a statement.

The state government had previously threatened Uber with the prosecution in that case, if the company will not receive special permission for their tests. The management, however, Uber said in response that it intends to ignore the requirements of the authorities.

Other companies, including Google and Tesla before you start the use of their unmanned vehicles have received permission from the California authorities. The company, which received a license are obliged to cover all costs for “insurance” in case of accident and report all abnormal cases of unmanned vehicles.

However, in the so-called unmanned taxi service Uber driving still sits a driver who insures the automatic

Therefore, the management of Uber notes that because driving is a man who at any moment can take control, the car can not be considered fully Autonomous. Accordingly, the need for special resolution no.

Previously, Uber has announced a study on the establishment of the Park flying vehicles.

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