UEFA makes changes in the qualifications of the European Cup

УЕФА вносит изменения в квалификацию еврокубков

The official site of UEFA has told about changes in the regulations of the European Cup, which will take effect from 2018.

The main and important amendment in the UEFA Champions League will be the change of a formula of getting to the group stage of the strongest leagues in the world.

So, based on the UEFA rankings, the top four of the championship will be directly delegated to the group stage once in four clubs.

Recall that at the moment, based on the regulations in the Champions League goes directly only three of the club from the first three Championships. Fourth clubs receive a ticket to the last qualifying round. As for the fourth League in the ranking, then it falls squarely in the Champions League champion and the silver medalist, and the club won third place, goes to the same fourth stage of qualification.

Other planned changes:

– The winner of the UEFA Europa League will get a direct ticket to the group stage of the Champions League (now he can get to the round of the playoffs).

– Detailed rules of admission to participate in both tournaments will be worked out before the end of the year.

– A new system of calculating club coefficients: clubs will be evaluated solely on their own results, that is, the coefficient of Association will no longer affect the coefficient of the club (exception: if the coefficient of the club less than 1/5 of the Association coefficient).

– In the calculation of the coefficients will take into account the historical success of the club in this tournament. Clubs have lifted the Champions League and Europa League, will receive extra points.

– Both tournaments will increase significantly payments to clubs and leagues.

– New four-stage distribution system of Finance

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