UEFA may leave PSG to go unpunished for the transfer of Neymar

УЕФА может оставить ПСЖ безнаказанным за трансфер Неймара


UEFA has expressed an official position on the possible transfer of Neymar from Barcelona.

UEFA has published its position regarding the possible transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to PSG.

The Union once again reminded that all European clubs must follow the rules of financial fair play, but most importantly, to final losses in the last three years did not exceed EUR 30 million. Therefore, UEFA have said that PSG will be able to sell players for a certain amount, in order to avoid punishment.

“UEFA will carefully examine the details of this transfer to ensure compliance. The transfer of Neymar to PSG will have a significant impact on the club finances for some years, but the impact of such an operation cannot be estimated in advance, as PSG may sell a few players for a significant amount. So we have to do the calculations at the end to ensure that they comply with the rules,” the statement reads.

Earlier it was reported that Neymar has told the players of Barcelona about his move to PSG.

According to French and Spanish media, Neymar will officially become a player of PSG this week.

It is not excluded a variant at which the Qatari sponsors will pay Neymar 300 million euros to the Brazilian, he bought the contract. This will allow the club to avoid problems with financial fair play.

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