UEFA may punish the player for Leicester celebrating a goal

УЕФА может наказать игрока Лестера за празднования гола

Wes Morgan

A goal in the Champions League Wes Morgan has raised concerns with UEFA.

Leicester captain Wes Morgan in trouble for celebrating his goal in the match with Sevilla in 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

After scoring Morgan ran and looked into an imaginary telescope.

The suspicion was that around the same time in the official Twitter of the brand Captain Morgan there was a post with a telescope that nedvuznachno hints at the connection between these events. Moreover, Captain Morgan is currently conducting the campaign: “Celebrate as Captain!”.

[email protected] ? ? ? ? #LeiSev #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain

– Captain Morgan (@CaptainMorganEU) 14 Mar 2017

In addition, last year the manufacturer of the Roma and the player Leicester have conducted a joint campaign on the occasion of the championship English team, releasing a limited series of alcoholic beverages.

If UEFA will see in the actions of Wes Morgan’s publicity stunt, the player can be fined a tidy sum.

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