UEFA urged not to breed the Ukraine and Russia in the draws

УЕФА призвали не разводить Украину и Россию при жеребьевках

UEFA urged not to breed the Ukraine and Russia in the draws

International organizations of Sport for all believe events with participation of Ukrainian and Russian teams can pass peacefully.

The international organization Sport for all has appealed to UEFA with a proposal to dissolve the Ukrainian and Russian clubs and national teams when the draws for the European Cup tournaments and European Championships.

The proponents of this call believe that the events involving the Ukrainian and Russian teams can pass without incident, according to Izvestia.

In the organization referred to the recently held in Moscow the fight between Ukrainian Alexander Usik and Russian Murat by Gassieva, which passed off peacefully. In addition, the authors believe that dilution of the teams deprives the tournaments sporting principle and prevents the establishment of relations between the peoples of Ukraine and Russia.

UEFA said that on the upcoming draw for the European Cup in Monaco, the currently valid rules will not be changed – the clubs from Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russia and Ukraine, Serbia and Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, as well as Spain and Gibraltar shall not be in one group and the draw for the qualification for Euro 2020 will be announced at a later stage.

Note Russian and Ukrainian teams of the UEFA started to breed in 2014, in 2016 for the first time lit the national teams of Ukraine and Russia in the group stage draw for Euro.

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