UHL. A crushing victory for Donbass and Kremenchug

УХЛ. Разгромные победы Донбасса и Кременчуга

Have held two matches of the championship of Ukraine in the framework of different tours.

Ended the regular matches of the Ukrainian hockey League in which the leaders met with teams weaker level performers.

In the first meeting in the framework of the 25th round of Kremenchug on the platform left of the living room on the team Generals, sending in the gate of the Generals ten unanswered goals.

In fact the game was one-sided with a total advantage players Kremenchug, which show off the glory. In the first two periods in goal Dorosh visited by three goals, and in the fourth four.

The winners of the highlight of the goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine Eduard Zakharchenko, who scored the third shutout in a row, reflecting in the last game all 29 shots on their goal. Also note that Edward has updated the record of Ukrainian Championships – 239 minutes and 34 seconds – that’s how much Zakharchenko keeps his gate locked. If to speak about field players, please select Ilya Korenchuk, on account of which four points for assistence hat-trick and one goal. Note also Sergei Cosmica and Artem Gnidenko, who scored in the double.

Thus, Kremenchug kept steadily in second place, trailing from the Donbass three points, but they have a game in hand. The advantage of the team Dmitry Podgornogo on the third place Kryvbas is 15 points, but they committed two games in hand.

KHK Kremenchug – Generals 10:0 (3:0, 3:0, 4:0)

Washer: 08:26 Gnidenko (Kirshenkov, Ignatenko) – 1:0; 10:17 Korenchuk (Kuzmik, Hear) – 2:0; 18:53 Varivoda (Covalent, Gritsenko) – 3:0; 28:35 Melnikov – 4:0; 34:16, Gnidenko (Gavrik, Kirshenkov – large.) – 5:0; 39:47 T. Gritsenko (Covalent, Petrakovskii – large.) – 6:0; 44:43 Kuzmik (Hey, Korenchuk) – 7:0; 47:23 Kuzmik (Korenchuk, Hear) – 8:0; 50:39 Degtyarev (Korenchuk, head – large.) – 9:0; 54:34 Kirshenkov (Ignatenko, Gavrik) – 10:0

Goalkeepers: Zakharchenko – Dorosh

Throws: 50 – 29

Penalty: 22 – 20

In another match, the leader of the championship of Ukraine the Donbass in front of their fans moved within the 7th round of the UHL inflicted a crushing defeat Vityaz Kharkiv with the score 8:3.

After the first period, the game was made and the whole question of the match was the score the meeting will end. For the first twenty minutes, the Pitmen scored gate Vladislav Vazovova five unanswered goals. In the second period, the hosts slowed down a little, but won with the score 2:1, and in the third I relaxed a little and yielded the same result.

The team of Anatoly Stepanischev highlight Vitali Lyalka and Yevgeny Nikiforov, who scored a doubles and scored six points. Also the game was good Nikita butsenko, who scored two goals and scored five points. And finally, we note Nikita Popov composed of Kharkiv who participated in all three abandoned washers, gaining three points.

Thus, the Donbas produces a ninth win in a row and once again updates its record of the Championships of Ukraine. On Friday, the Pitmen will play another match against Vityaz in the framework of the 25th round in which you can increase the record, and the advantage to six points over the Kremenchuk.

Donbass – Vityaz 8:3 (5:0, 2:1, 1:2)

Washer: 00:23 butsenko (Nikiforov, skein) – 1:0; 03:18 Nikiforov (butsenko – large.) – 2:0; 06:11 Lalka (Kugut, Nikiforov) – 3:0; 13:19 Lalka (Nikiforov, Kugut) – 4:0; 13:43 The Attic (Bondarev, RAM) – 5:0; 24:06 Posevin (N. A. Popov) – 5:1; 27:47 butsenko (Nikiforov, skein) – 6:1; 30:26 Nikiforov (lalka, butsenko – large.) – 7:1; 40:51 Petrukhno (Butsenko, Skein) – 8:1; 47:21 N. Popov (Posevin) – 8:2; 56:08 Kolyadynskym (N. A. Popov) – 8:3

Goalies: S. Lelchuk – Vyazovov

Penalty: 10 – 10

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