UHL. Donbass beat Kremenchug, White bars lost Generals

УХЛ. Донбасс обыграл Кременчуг, Белый Барс уступил Дженералз

Held a regular matches of the Ukrainian championship.

Today were held two matches of the different rounds of the championship of Ukraine.

In the first match in the 23rd round of the UHL Donbass on its platform got a victory over the leader of the championship – Kremenchug.

With regard to the composition, the Donbass was missing injured forwards of the Novel is Good and Victor Zakharov, but the application back defender Vyacheslav Khakimov. At Kremenchug the place in goal was taken by newcomer Oleg Petrov, as well as in the back Sergei Kuzmik.

In the first period, the fans have not seen goals, as the team did not actively at the wrong gate even in the majority.

The start of the second period has passed with small advantage of Kremenchug, which already in the sixth minute turned into an abandoned washer efforts of Timur Gritsenko, who famously put a stick on the patch. But after a few moments the guests were in the minority for two minutes and the hosts immediately took advantage of this gift and scored Nikita butsenko. And literally in the next attack, the Donetsk team for the first time in the match went ahead thanks to a productive throw performed by Denis Kochetkov.

Then in the middle of the period, the Pitmen managed to extend their lead in the scoring efforts of Eugene Nikiforov, who managed a good shot and the puck was under the trap debuted Oleg Petrov. But that’s not all, because two minutes later, the team of Dmitry Podgornogo reduced the deficit after scoring a goal, Sebastian Karpenko.

In the third period was a quiet game with a small advantage to the people who had more control of the puck in a strange area. On 47 minutes, Vitaliy Lyalka famously passed on the left side and moved to the center, and then effectively throwing in the far corner.

Thus, the Donbas is gaining 51 points and catching up Kremenchug in the standings of the championship of Ukraine and Shakhtar have two games in hand. For the team of Evgeny Stepanischev this victory was the sixth in a row, and for the Kremenchug first defeat after seven consecutive victories.

Donbass – HC Kremenchug 4:2 (0:0, 3:2, 1:0)

Washers: 24:51 T. Gritsenko (Varivoda, Covalent) – 0:1; 26:41 butsenko (Kugut, skein – great.) – 1:1; 26:59 Kochetkov (Shafarenko, Egorov) – 2:1; 31:49 Nikiforov (Khakimov, Butsenko) – 3:1; 33:58 Karpenko (Kitsch, Isaenko) – 3:2; 46:35 Skein (Nikiforov) – 4:2

Goalies: Tsaregorodtsev – Petrov

Penalty: 6 – 8

In the second match in the framework of the 15th round of the Kiev Generals confidently defeated outsider of the championship Belotserkovsky White Leopard.

Already at the start of the first period in the sixth minute Yuri Orlov scored the first goal in the game and put his team in front. Then in the second period advantage of Kiev strengthened Daniel Scripts and Solomon Shapiro. After that, the coaching staff of the White Leopard, led by Alexander Kulikov made the decision to replace goalkeeper Vitaly Vlasenko Yuri Krasnopolsky.

In the third period the teams exchanged goals. At the start of the final period, barça were able to reduce the gap with the efforts of Alexander Luluka. but after a few minutes the Generals managed to open the gate Krasnopolsky thanks to a goal by Nicholas Janitor.

Thus, Generals extracted the first victory with new coach Alexander Seukand than seven-match ban and interrupted a series without victories. As for the White Leopard, for them this is the tenth defeat in a row and they remain in last place in the standings.

Generals – White Leopard 4:1 (1:0, 2:0, 1:1)

Washers: 06:06 eagles – 1:0; 20:19 Scripts (Ovchinnikov, Kostyuk – large.) – 2:0; 38:33 Shapiro (N. Janitor, Starling) – 3:0; 43:07 A. Lelchuk (Tolkunov, Butler – large.) – 3:1, 47:15 N. Janitor – 4:1

Goalkeepers: Dorosh – Vlasenko (Krasnopolsky, 38:33)

Shots: 32 – 36

Penalty: 16 – 8

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