UHL: Donbass for the seventh time, beat Kremenchug

УХЛ: Донбасс в седьмой раз обыграл Кременчуг

Donbass for the seventh time, beat Kremenchuk

The hosts could not break a winning streak of Donetsk, which has 29 matches.

Within the 31st round of the UHL in Kremenchug were held the Central match between the local team of the same name and HC Donbass.

The Donetsk team first arrived on the renewed arena iceberg and felt crazy atmosphere of a Packed stadium, but it could not protect Kremenchug from defeat.

Guests were able to extend their winning streak to 29 matches in a row thanks to goals from Skein in the first period and Kovalenko with Kostikov in the second. Interestingly, in the final 20-minute Svishchev has thrown one more washer in gate of owners, but it was not counted because shifted gate, but at the end of the meeting Yaroslav scored according to the rules.

For the team of Sergey Viter this is the third “dry” victory over hockey players Alexander Savitsky in the current season, another shutout in the asset recorded Bogdan Dyachenko. Thus, Kremenchuk after the victory over the Wolves their first defeat at the reconstructed home ground.

Kremenchuk – Donbass 0:4 (0:1, 0:2, 0:1)

Washer: 0:1 – Skein (Ignatenko) – 18:13, 0:2 – Kostikov – 26:47, 0:3 – Kovalenko (Lalka) – 34:23, 0:4 – Svishchev (Raven) – 59:31.

Goalkeepers: Vlasenko (He, 34:23) – Dyachenko.


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