UHL. Donbass have destroyed knight

УХЛ. Донбасс уничтожил Витязь

Hosted the first match of the 26th round of the championship of Ukraine.

Ended the regular match of the Ukrainian hockey League, in which the leader of the championship of Ukraine the Donbass away easily beat one of the outsiders Vityaz Kharkiv.

As for the team, the Pitmen’s coaching staff has entrusted a place in collars young Bogdan Dyachenko, but if we talk about Kharkov, on the eve of the camp of their team left at six key players, and came four.

Already in the first period, the Pitmen shipped in gate of the young Timur dassa three unanswered goals by the efforts of the Good, Egorova and Attic.

In the second period the team of Anatoly Stepanischev did not stop and was sent to the gate of Kharkiv seven more goals, and knight answered with only one. For the citizens the only washer held Kolyadynskym, who was assisted by Murtishaw. In Donbass takes designed Good, Egorov, Attic, Zakharov, and one washer in the asset recorded Bondarev and Yakovlevs.

In the final period, the Pitmen got a little relaxed, but this did not prevent them to score another three goals in the gate of the dass. The authors of effective throws steel Bondarev, Attic and Nikiforov, the latter distinguished himself in the minority.

Thus, the Donbas produced eleventh victory in a row and are now off pursuing Kremenchug nine points, though Kremenchug has a game in hand which they will hold tomorrow against Kiev Generals.

Knight – Donbass 1:13 (0:3, 1:7, 0:3)

Goals: 11:34 Good (Shafarenko, Nikiforov – large.) – 0:1; 12:43 Egorov (Shaman) – 0:2; 14:27 The Attic (Zakharov, Bondarev) – 0:3; 20:41 Good (Shafarenko, Nikiforov) – 0:4; 23:31 The Attic (Bondarev) – 0:5; 24:09 Egorov (Nikiforov, Kugut) – 0:6; 24:53 Zakharov (Bondarev) – 0:7; 25:29 Zakharov (Attic, Bondarev) – 0:8; 30:41 Kolyadynskym (Murtishaw) – 1:8; 37:33 Bondarev (Attic, Zakharov) – 1:9; 39:30 Yakovlevs (Pobedonostsev, Shafarenko – large.) – 1:10; 49:09 Nikiforov (Shafarenko, Pobedonostsev – large.) – 1:11; 56:01 Bondarev (Kugut, Attic – great.) – 1:12; 56:33 The Attic (Zakharov, Bondarev) – 1:13

Goalkeepers: Daas – Dyachenko

Shots: 13 – 59

Fine: 18 – 10

Knight: Daas (Kharitonov); Popov, Salnikov, Kachmar Matvienko, Kubikov – Poddubny, Gasimov; Hanin – Maksimenko – Krivonos, Posevin – Cake – Alexanyan-Petrovich, Kolyadynskym – Murtishi – Odnowiciel, Lisin, Skrebele

Donbass: Dyachenko (Tsaregorodtsev); Pobedonostsev – Jakovlevs, Kugut – Khakimov, VL. Aleksyuk – RAM, Grigoriev; R. Good – Shafarenko – Nikiforov, Zakharov – Bondarev – Egorov, Bezugly – Shaman – The Attic Mazur

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