UHL. Donbass took care Generals

УХЛ. Донбасс разобрался с Дженералз

Hosted the first match of 22-th round of the championship of Ukraine.

Hosted the first match of the next round of the championship of Ukraine in which the current champion of Ukraine Donbass on its site confidently beat Generals with Kiev, which had not long ago fought and were contenders for the title. Yesterday a management of the Kiev club announced that the Generals continue to play in the championship youth team.

With regard to the composition, then the players were absent Vyacheslav and Roman Khakimov Good. In Kiev on the eve of the match against Donbass left the team Petrov and Basque. The other is that the application of the Kyiv team, but how long they last is unknown.

In principle, as suggested problems, the team of Anatoly Stepanischev was not at all. In the first period in goal Dorosh visited three unanswered goals from Shakhtar.Then in the second and third periods, the Pitmen got a little relaxed, but still scored another three goals in the gate of Kiev. As a result 6:0 – confident victory of Donbass over Generals.

The winners of the note Pavel Bolshakov, which account for two goals and two assists. Also highlight Shamil Ramazanov, who scored a brace and one assist.

Thus, the Donbas produced fifth win in a row and closed the gap on championship leader Kremenchug to three points, while wards of Anatoly Stepanischev two matches left. As for Generals, for them this is the seventh defeat in a row.

Donbass – Generals 6:0 (3:0, 2:0, 1:0)

Washers: 02:10 Bolshakov (Egorov) – 1:0; 13:18 Pobedonostsev (Kochetkov, Yakovlevs) – 2:0; 18:26 Bolshakov (Ramazanov, Petrukhno) – 3:0; 22:15 Egorov (Shafarenko) – 4:0; 30:20 Ramazanov (Bolshakov, George) – 5:0; 51:31 Ramazanov (Egorov, Bolshakov) – 6:0

Goalies: Tsaregorodtsev – Dorosh

Throws: 35 – 14

Penalty: 16 – 2

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev (Dyachenko); Bbw – Kugut, Pobedonostsev – Jakovlevs, Petrukhno – VL. Aleksyuk, RAM – Grigoriev; Skein – Butsenko – Nikiforov, Kochetkov – Shafarenko – Mazur, Egorov – Bolshakov – Ramazanov, Bezugly – Shaman – The Attic.

Generals: Dorosh (Pozynich); Tatarenko – Scripts, The Combat – Shpak, Pirupa – Shapiro; Ovchinnikov – Kostyuk – Elovikov, N. Janitor – Bondarenko A. Janitor, Eagles – Screamer – Generals.

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