UHL. Kremenchug effective beat Vityaz

УХЛ. Кременчуг результативно обыграл Витязь

Hosted the first match of the 21st round of the championship of Ukraine.

Held another match of the championship of Ukraine in which the leader of the Ukrainian hockey League Kremenchug to beat one of the outsiders Vityaz Kharkiv.

As for the recaps, knight debuted rookie Oleg Korzh, which is the third link was replaced by Ruslan Maksimenko. At Kremenchug the place in goal was taken by Michael Shevchuk is Edward Zakharchenko. Also note the return to the Anton Boykova, and the lack of meadow Janiszewski. Add that Sevastian Karpenko missed the game due to suspension.

At the start of the first period, the hosts got two removal than the immediate advantage of players Kremenchug, twice struck the gate Yevgeny, Nabanco the efforts of Alexander Degtyarev and Vitaly Kirshenkov. Then on the equator twenty-Kharkiv team managed to win back one washer, thanks to an accurate throw by Nikita Popov. But even before the first break Kremenchug were able to once again sign at the gate knight, a successful roll on account of Timur Gritsenko.

In the second period, the teams calmed down a bit, but in the end Kharkiv again got two removal in a row and again was punished for two missed goals. The authors of goals became Ilya Korenchuk and George Kich.

Early in the third period the team of Eugene Gladchenko most were able to reduce the gap in the score with goals by Alexander Mikheenko. But then the Kremenchug made it clear to the hosts that at any moment they can add. In the end, the team has several times throwing pucks to the net and the final score – 7:5 in favour of team Dmitry Podgornogo.

The winners of the note Ilya and Maxim Korenchuk Hearing, which scored three points. The part of the loser highlight Alexander Mikheenko and Nikita Popov, who have four points. Also three assists from Ilya Decalo.

Thus, Kremenchug produces the seventh victory in a row and set a new UHL record. At Kremenchug 51 scoring play and first place in the standings. For knight this is the fifth defeat of the season from the team of Dmitry Podgornogo and he is in fifth place, ahead of White bars, with whom he will play in the next round.

Vityaz – HC Kremenchug 5:7 (1:3, 0:2, 4:2)

Washers: 02:38 Degtyarev (Hey, he is great.) – 0:2; 06:20 Kirshenkov (Gnidenko, Ignatenko – great.) – 0:2; 10:01 N. Popov (Maetok, Dekalo – large.) – 1:2; 14:38 T. Gritsenko (Korenchuk, Hear) – 1:3; 37:25 Korenchuk (Basco, Look – great.) – 1:4; 38:30 Kitsch (Chernyshenko) – 1:5; 43:32 Maetok (N. A. Popov, Dekalo – large.) – 2:5; 43:39 Black (Szymanski, Melnikov) – 2:6; 46:01 Krivonos (Decalo, Maetok) – 3:6; 49:08 Gnidenko (Ignatenko, Kitsch) – 3:7; 54:02 N. Popov (Maetok, Krivonos – large.) – 4:7; 57:45 Kubikov (Salnikov, N. Alexander Popov – less.) – 5:7

Goalkeepers: Nabanco – Shevchuk

Shots: 19 – 36

The penalty: 14 – 10

Knight: Naprienko (Vyazovov); Decalo – Balling, N. Popov – Sirchenko, Falsehood Matvienko, Kachmar – Mul; Maetok – N. Alexander Popov – Krivonos, Lazarenko – Hanin – Kubikov, Posevin – Cake – Efremov, Odnowiciel – Murtishi – Alexanyan-P.

KHK Kremenchug: Shevchuk (Zakharchenko); head – Degtyarev, Isaenko – Ignatenko, I. Melnikov, Savitsky; Korenchuk – T. Gritsenko – Kitsch – Gnidenko – Kirshenkov, Gavrik – Chernyshenko – Covalent, Szymanski – strikers – Black

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