UHL. Kryvbas in bullets beat Generals

УХЛ. Кривбасс по буллитам обыграл Дженералз

Held the second match of the 21st round of the championship of Ukraine.

Was held the Central match of the next round of the championship of Ukraine, which came together two contenders for the title – Generals Kiev and Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih.

If we talk about squads, Arsenal have lacked Zhovnir and Kozachuk, but they committed was the problem more substantial. The defense was not Mareckova and Cherevach, and the attack of the Peasants, Sekirko, Kutsevich and Tolkunova.

In the first period teams were playing carefully at his gate and made a few errors, and therefore the moments were few. Basically, the game broke out when someone played in the majority, but even in the unequal composition will differ failed. At the end of the Kiev period earned removal – four penalties, got Saks.

Early in the second period the guests from Krivoi Rog has continued to play in most, and actually took the effort to Igor Slyusar, who famously and dumped into the top corner from the right faceoff circle – 0:1. Despite the fact they don’t last long, because after only 22 seconds Ilya Elovikov was on the Board and evened the score, confidently beating goalkeeper Beskhlebnova – 1:1.

Then five minutes later the team of Aleksandr Kulikov once again managed to come out ahead and once again they excelled in most – Belousov powerfully and effectively threw from the blue line – 1:2. At the end of the period, Dynamo was effective counterattack, which made accurate shots Nikolai, the Janitor who left between flaps Beskhlebnova – 2:2. But eight seconds before the second break the guests once again managed to implement most of the efforts of Ivan Podgornogo, who finished off the drive with a Piglet in gate – 2:3.

In the third period of the team and is switched to hockey too accurate at low speeds. At the beginning of the period in one of episodes the defender Generals Daniel Skripec got injured and was forced to prematurely end the match. And here in the middle of the period Alexey Ovchinnikov nicely by the defender and easily dealt with Beskhlebny, equalized – 3:3.

In overtime three on three, both teams showed good hockey at the fastest speeds, but to beat the goalkeeper failed. In the end, everything was decided by a series of penalty shootout, in which were more successful players of Kryvbas.

Thus, Kryvbas gaining two points in this match and now they have 42 points and second place in the standings, although the same Donbass, but Shakhtar have three games in hand. As for Generals, ooni scored first point under the leadership of Alexander Seukand and now they have 25 points and the gap from the knight rose to 14 points. While Kiev also three games in hand.

Generals – Kryvbas 3:4 B (0:0, 2:3, 1:0, 0:0, 0:1)

Washers: 22:24 Slusar (Val. Aleksyuk – large.) – 0:1; 22:46 Elovikov (Ovchinnikov, Kostyuk) – 1:1; 27:29 Belousov (Nimenko, Podgurski) – 1:2; 37:14 N. The janitor (Orlov, A. Dvornik) – 2:2; 39:52 Podgurski (Chernenko – large.) – 2:3; 50:10 Ovchinnikov (Kostyuk) – 3:3

Critical bullet: Podgurski

Goalkeepers: Petrov – Beskhlebny

Throws: 28 – 49

The penalty: 14 – 12

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