UHL. Shutout Dyachenko, dry Donbass victory over Kryvbas

УХЛ. Шатаут Дьяченко, сухая победа Донбасса над Кривбассом

Hosted the first match of the 27th round of the championship of Ukraine.

Ended the regular match of the Ukrainian hockey League, in which the current champion of Ukraine Donbass on the platform of the arena, Altair beat Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih, which is still in the playoffs.

As for the team, then the team of Kryvyi Rih and all had only three of the five players. The game against Donetsk, for various reasons, missed Beskhlebny, Ryabenko, Chernenko and Kutsevich. And this despite the fact that a few days ago the mill of Krivoi Rog left just five players. If we talk about the Donbass, that the application for the game was missing Kochetkov, butsenko and RAM. Also at that time in the season in the gate brought changer Tsaregorodtseva – Dyachenko.

Given the fact, what part was from Kryvbas, to their dignity, we can say that for the first two periods, the Pitmen though and persistently attacked the gate Vazovova, but nevertheless couldn’t.

In the end, everything was decided in the final period of play. First in the fifth minute the Pitmen have implemented most thanks to a goal Skein and came forward, and after ten minutes the score was increased Nikiforov, who was assisted by the same skein. After only thirty seconds, the team of Anatoly Stepanischev scored the third goal in most efforts Bondarev and set the final score – 3:0.

Thus, Donbass won 11 successive victory in the championship of Ukraine and a leader in the standings UHL with a separation from Kremenchug to nine points, however the Kremenchug a game in hand. As for Kryvbas, he after 25 matches 42 points in the asset and it surely is in third place.

The Donbas – Kryvyi Rih 3:0 (0:0, 0:0, 3:0)

Washers: 44:28 lalka (Pobedonostsev – large.) – 1:0; 54:21 Nikiforov (skein) – 2:0; 54:51 Bondarev (Kugut – great.) – 3:0

Goalkeepers: Dyachenko – Vyazovov

Penalty: 10 – 14

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