UHL: the defeat of Kremenchuk and confident of the victory of the Dnieper and Donbas

УХЛ: разгром от Кременчука и уверенные победы Днепра и Донбасса

A review of the seventh round of the championship of Ukraine on hockey.

In the seventh round of the Ukrainian hockey League Dnipro beat Dynamo MCC, Kremenchuk Kiev defeated the Ice wolves, and the Donbass, double yielding, defeated White leopard

MHC Dynamo – Dnipro 1:4 (0:2, 1:1, 0:1)

Tour to Kharkov, my meeting was opened by MHC Dynamo and leader of the standings of the Dnieper. Kherson immediately started to dominate and twice struck Timur Mamedov, which largely predetermined the outcome of the meeting.

Only in the second frame Kharkiv began to bite and managed to open the scoring for his team, but the difference in the score was out of reach for the Kharkiv club and the Dnieper was taken from Kharkiv, another three points.

Ice Wolves – Kremenchuk 1:9 (1:3, 0:2, 0:4)

The match in Kyiv was not the most successful for the Ice wolves, who once again suffered a devastating defeat from Kremenchug. The hallmark of wolves is a tough character and struggle in every inch of the grounds, but not enough yet to trust Nikolai Sidorov scoring streak and end the attacks goals.

Therefore, even though Kiev and bite throughout the meeting, but the Kremenchug were able to break the enemy’s defenses and nine times differ in goal by Nikita Glotova.

Note that the composition of citizens from four players scored doubles – Ivan Savchenko, Nikolay Kiselev, Alexey Zaytsev and Victor Tutchenko.

Donbass – White Leopard 6:2 (1:2; 2:0; 3:0)

At least the first twenty minutes and took advantage of the White Leopard, who twice managed to get the lead, but even from the start of the second period the situation was turned on its head. Shakhtar seized the advantage and showed that they are ready to play two defeats in a row.

Thus for the remaining 40 minutes of playing time, the Donetsk club could five more times to vary in opponent, instead of not conceding a single goal and a foothold on third place in the standings.

Recall that the eighth round of the Ukrainian hockey League will be held on 10 and 11 October. The tour kicks off in Kiev, where on October 10, first at 17:00 will battle the Ice Wolves and MHC Dynamo and then to Kherson at 19:00 Dnipro will meet with Donetsk Donbass. 11 Oct at 18:30 in the White Church round closed White bars and Kremenchuk

УХЛ: разгром от Кременчука и уверенные победы Днепра и Донбасса

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