UHL: the First defeat of the Dnieper, the victory of the White Leopard and the Donbass

УХЛ: Первое поражение Днепра, победа Белого Барса и Донбасса

In the championship of Ukraine on hockey has taken place the sixth round.

In the sixth round of the Ukrainian hockey League Dnipro suffered their first defeat of the season from Kremenchug in a series of penalty shots, Donbass rehabilitated in Kharkov for two previous defeats, and the White bars in overtime snatched victory from the Ice wolves.

Dnipro, Kremenchuk 2:3 (0:0, 1:1, 1:1, 0:0, 0:1 )

In Kherson at the start of the sixth round of the Ukrainian hockey League held a real massacre between the leaders of the standings of the Dnieper and Kremenchukm. The whole game, the teams fought for every zone of the court and did not want to concede three points to the opponent. Very firmly and securely in goal played goalkeepers clubs Oleg Petrov and Nikita Gordyushin that held shut the gate and did not allow the enemy to take our chances.

The fate of the match was decided only in the penalty shots, where fortune smiled Kremenchuk hockey players, and the decisive throw was scored by the captain of “townspeople” Timur Gritsenko.

MHC Dynamo – Donbass 3:6 (0:2, 1:1,2:3 )

In Kharkov, the Donetsk team was trying to rehabilitate after two defeats in the previous rounds of the Dnieper and Kremenchuka and they are fully turned. Donbass after the meeting started to dominate and in the course of the match only to increase its pressure. * In turn, could only three times to break Bogdan Dyachenko.

The second period of the hundred most interesting segment of the meeting, as the Kharkov club has managed to reduce the gap in the score to 3:4 and even get the chance to even the score. But fatigue played its or experience of the Donetsk team outweighed the youth team Alexander Seukand, but the meeting ended with the score 6:3 in favor of the Ukrainian Champions.

Note that in this match, the striker of Kharkov Artem of Kabakov scored 50 anniversary points in the Championships of Ukraine.

White bars – Ice Wolves 5:4(2:0; 1:3; 1:1; 1:0)

Tour to the White Church closed the underdogs of the tournament table White bars and Ice Wolves. The meeting was quite dramatic, because in the middle of the second period, the burning of Kiev 0:3, but then managed to level the score and sent the game into overtime.

However, in extra time, fortune smiled upon Eugene Timchenko, who sent the puck from Nikita Glotova and got the victory in this match.

The seventh round of the Ukrainian hockey League will take place on 6 and 7 October. 6 October at 13:50 in Kharkov will open the Matchday MHK Dinamo and Dnipro. November 7, first, at 13:30 Ice Wolves take Kremenchuk, and then at 18:00 in Druzhkovka will meet the Donbass and White bars.

Standings UHL (after six rounds)
1. Dnipro – 16 points / 6 games (the difference washers 22-5)
2. Kremenchuk – 14/6 (37-19)
3. Donbass 12/6 (31 cast 15)
4. White Bars – 5/6 (14-31)
5. MHC Dynamo – 4/6 (12-24V)
6. Ice Wolves – 3/6 (14-36)

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