UHL. White leopard in overtime beat Generals

УХЛ. Белый Барс в овертайме обыграл Дженералз

Held another match of 23 Matchday of the championship of Ukraine.

Held a regular match of the Ukrainian hockey League, in which Kiev Generals at its on their site took the outsider of the championship – White bars. Note that the last game between these teams were played only yesterday in the framework of the 15th round of the championship and then a win for the Generals.

As for the recaps, then from Kiev, the composition was the same as in yesterday’s game, but belotserkovtseva in the application proved ex-striker Generals Kirill Bondarenko.

In the sixth minute of the team of Aleksandr Kulikov was able to print the gate of the Kiev team and take the lead thanks to goals performed by Nazar Ruzhnikova. After the goal the game calmed down a bit and moved to a quiet channel.

In the second period the visitors had chances to increase their advantage, but attempts to implement most effective to anything did not lead. In the end, in the middle of the period the people of Kiev managed to equalize effort of Nicholas porter, who scored in the minority. And all such bilotserkivtsi went to the second break leading in score, as three minutes later Nikita of Foresters sold a lot after the transfer of freshman Kirill Bondarenko.

The start of the second period has passed in attacks of owners, who tried again to level the score and they succeeded. In the fifth minute Mykola Dvornik add on to a goal and another assist on Andrei Janitor. In the middle of the period, the team of Alexander Seukand they went ahead with the efforts of Aleksei Kostyuk. At the end of the period the guests tried to fight back and score points and eight seconds before the final siren the saving goal was scored by Ruslan Romashchenko.

Overtime did not last long, because already in the third minute Kirill Bondarenko has closed the transfer of Ruslan Romashchenko and brought victory to his club.

Thus, Kyiv Generals though lost a little but strengthen their chances of getting into the playoffs. Separation from the White Leopard is 21, from the pursuing knight – 18. As for the White Bars, they for the first time in the last two seasons Dynamo Kiev team, and interrupted his destinatio series of defeats. This victory was the third season for the team of Aleksandr Kulikov.

Generals – White leopard 3:4 FROM (0:1, 1:1, 2:1, 0:1)

Washers: 05:01 Ruzhnikov (Yadlowski, Vinnitsa) – 0:1; 34:26 N. The janitor (less.) – 1:1; 37:30 Foresters (Bondarenko, Logic – large.) – 1:2; 44:03 A. The Janitor (Skripec, N. The Janitor) – 2:2; 50:13 Kostyuk (Tatarenko) – 3:2; 59:52 Romashchenko (Bondarenko, Tolkunov) – 3:3; 62:21 Bondarenko (Romashchenko, Tolkunov) – 3:4

Goalkeepers: Dorosh – Krasnopolskiy

Throws: 34 – 40

Fine: 32 – 8

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