UK by 2040 switch to electric vehicles

Великобритания к 2040 году перейдет на электромобили

In a country with 2040 would prohibit the sale of vehicles running on diesel and gasoline.

The UK government intends from 2040 to impose a ban on the sale of cars with internal combustion engines. The ban will also apply to hybrid cars as they are also used gasoline or diesel engines, On Wednesday, July 26, according to British media. On Wednesday, it is expected an official statement of the British government on this issue.

Experts believe that the demand for cars running on gasoline or diesel, will decrease considerably in the coming years.

Despite the fact that the total share of cars with electric motors or hybrid motors is still small due to their high cost and limited reserve, it is on them rely many automakers.

In particular, Volvo is going to cease to produce cars with internal combustion engines and to switch completely to electric cars and hybrid in 2019.

Earlier plans by 2040 to stop selling cars in the country with petrol and diesel engines, said the Minister of environmental transition Nicolas Hulot. At the same time in the first half of 2017 95% of registered in France with cars running on gasoline and diesel.