Ukraine ahead of Russia in the ranking of the

Украина опередила Россию в рейтинге развития

Ukraine took the 64th place in the study of the human development Index-2017

The leaders of the rating of social development are Denmark and Finland.

Ukraine improved the ranking indicators of standard of living and joined the group of countries with a development above the average. This is stated in the study of the human development Index-2017 American non-governmental organization Social Progress Imperative, sponsored by Deloitte.

According to published data, last year Ukraine with a rating of 66.43 points (maximum 100 points) led the group of countries with a development below average, its new assessment in 68,35 points enabled her to move to a higher category.

At the same time, a number of other countries over the past year has made even greater progress. As a result, if a year ago, Ukraine in the ranking was 63rd out of 133 countries, this is the 64th of 128.

According to the survey, the highest scores, similar to last year, Ukraine received in the categories of “nutrition and basic medical care” – 98,47 and “access to basic education” – 97,52. The low performance of the country in the categories of “tolerance” – of 40.52 and “environmental quality” – of 50.37.

The authors of the rating also indicate that the level of GDP taking into account purchasing power parity of the 128 countries in Ukraine with a value of $7,457 thousand was ranked 81.

Among the countries of the former USSR in the group with high levels of development are the Baltic States, with estimates from 82,96 Estonia to 78,09 Lithuania, whereas in the group of countries with above average development indicators are better in Georgia and Armenia, respectively 70,8 and 69,01 that provided them with a 53 and 59. Followed by Ukraine in the rating of Belarus – 65, Russia – 67, Tajikistan 92.

The leaders of the ranking with indicators 90,57-90,53 are Denmark and Finland. Followed by other Nordic countries together with Switzerland, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, Germany and Austria – these 14 countries formed the band with the highest level of social development, the report said.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously Ukraine topped the rating of corrupt countries. This is stated in the study of the auditing company Ernst & Young.

According to the materials: