Ukraine all year bought nuclear fuel from Russia

Украина весь год закупала ядерное топливо у России

The volume of purchases in the Russian Federation is gradually reduced.

Ukraine for ten months of 2016 has purchased nuclear fuel totaling 388,8 million dollars. According to the State statistics service, during this period for Ukrainian nuclear power plants purchased fuel of Russian production 288,2 million dollars, Swedish production – 100,6 million dollars.

Thus, the percentage of Ukraine’s nuclear fuel over the 10 months from Russian company TVEL in monetary terms amounted to 74,1%, from Westinghouse is 25.9%.

Recall that in 2015 Ukraine has purchased nuclear fuel totaling 643,6 million dollars, including Russian production to 610,9 million dollars, Swedish production of 32.7 million dollars.

As reported Корреспондент.netin Ukraine to produce nuclear fuel. The corresponding decision was taken by the government in November this year.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Kazakhstan and Ukraine to cooperate in the production of nuclear fuel.

In Ukraine decreases the production of nuclear energy