Ukraine already in the first 100 days waiting for Lutsenko work, not populism, – Barna

Украина уже в течение первых 100 дней ждет от Луценко работы, а не популизма, - Барна

Assessment of the actions of the newly appointed Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko can be given within the first 100 days. This was in the “Prime Evening” to “112 Ukraine”, said MP from the PPO Oleg Barna.

“It is always necessary to assess such work during the first 100 days, because there are certain procedural rules that we need to bring to a logical conclusion, because in that populism, when the number of high-profile criminal cases were announced and instead to conduct a competent investigation and, therefore, with certain characteristics of secrecy, just all “Paraskevi”, with the result that the case turned into a puff, they went to court and was perezvanivali,” said Barna.

At the same time he said that Ukraine is waiting for the results, not loud statements.

“I want to say only one thing: people are tired of populism. And Ukraine, we need results now. Let’s see the first 100 days of work that the new attorney General was able to report, to bring to the attention of deputies and society”, – said the MP.

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We will remind, today the Verkhovna Rada appointed Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. For the corresponding draft of the resolution No. 4654 voted 264 deputies.