Ukraine and Israel have agreed to prevent “raising the heat of the debate”

Украина и Израиль договорились предотвратить "повышение градуса дискуссии"

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Russian diplomats and the Ambassador of Israel agreed to prevent the increasing heat of the debate in the Ukrainian and Israeli society due to the recent aggravation of bilateral relations because of Ukraine support the anti-Israel UN resolution. This became known following the meeting, which was held in the foreign Ministry, the Israeli Ambassador Eliav Belotserkovsky, reported the press service of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

“The Ukrainian side expressed disappointment with the emotional reactions of some Israeli officials and politicians on the results of the vote in new York. The Israeli Ambassador explained the motives that determined the position of the delegation of Ukraine to support the mentioned project. It is noted that the Ukraine has taken a consistent position regarding the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has been repeatedly published in different formats,” the foreign Ministry said.

It is reported that following the meeting it was agreed to do everything possible to prevent the increase of the heat of the debate in the Ukrainian and Israeli society. “On the basis of common interest in the development of positive achievements in bilateral relations achieved in recent years, Ukraine and Israel will focus on the preparation of a number of important bilateral events held in Kiev the next round of negotiations on the draft Agreement on free trade, the preparations for the signing of the Implementation Protocol to the recently ratified Agreement regulating labour migration, and the continuation of negotiations on further liberalization of air service,” the report says.

In addition, it was agreed to coordinate a number of contacts of high level in 2017.

We will remind, on December 23, the UN security Council adopted a resolution which stated that Israel’s building of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory “has no legal effect and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law.”

It was supported by 14 members of the security Council, including Ukraine. USA, who have previously blocked such projects, abstained. The authors of the document are Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela.

After Ukraine supported the resolution, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a planned visit of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

As reported, on December 19, Israel supported the General Assembly resolution according to which Russia recognized the aggressor state, and Crimea – temporarily occupied territory.