Ukraine and Russia ousted the U.S. wheat market – Bloomberg

Украина и Россия потеснили США на рынке пшеницы - Bloomberg

American grain loses its competitiveness due to the strong dollar.

Ukraine and Russia invade the middle East markets, at the time, former chief, which was an American wheat, according to Bloomberg.

Grain from the United States is losing its position in the global market due to the strong dollar. The competitiveness of U.S. wheat down the USA to third place among exporters. On the first and second place – Russia and Canada, Ukraine ranks fifth. Although in 2014 the US ranked first.

It is noted that in America the area sown with wheat, is constantly shrinking is not the first decade, and eventually the American grain on world markets will become smaller.

This year wheat exports are expected to decrease by 9.3 percent to 21.1 million tons in the season ending 31 may. As shown by government statistics, this is the lowest level since 1972. Meanwhile, domestic grain stocks are at a record for five years.

All of this prompts farmers to sow wheat. The acreage of winter wheat, according to the Ministry of agriculture, fell to second with the end of the level for the period since 1913.

Alan Tracy, President U.S. wheat Association, which promotes American wheat abroad, believes that unchallenged U.S. dominance in the global markets came to an end.

“Now we aren’t every year to lead by volumes. Fortunately, overall world wheat trade has increased, and we can still sell the products of our farmers,” – said the expert.

Corn and soybeans are displacing wheat from American farms disappeared. The reason for this is genetic modification of these crops, significantly simplifying the care, respectively, increasing primernosti.

Since 1990-ies engaged under wheat has declined by 36 percent. This year they are expected to be about 49.6 million acres. On the contrary, the corn is now occupied 26 per cent more space than in 1990 (93,6 million acres), and soybeans by 42 per cent (82.2 per million acres).

Recall that Ukraine became the largest supplier of corn to China in the first half of 2015.

Ukraine is the leader in exports of sunflower oil

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