Ukraine and Russia set a record for falling revenues

Украина и РФ поставили рекорд по падению доходов

The country was at the bottom of the international rankings on the well-being of citizens.

The welfare of Ukrainians from mid to mid of the current year decreased by 19%. This follows from the report, Global Wealth report published Credit Suisse.

Also, the three countries (except Ukraine) the welfare of the citizens below in the world, entered Argentina and Russia. The Russians have become poorer by 15%, Argentina 27%.

Experts Credit Suisse believe that this is due, mainly due to currency fluctuations. Globally, according to estimates of financiers, Credit Suisse, the combined wealth of the world’s population over the same period rose 1.4% (up to 256 trillion).

It is also noted that due to the fact that the number of the adult population has lagged behind the growth of the state of humanity, for the first time since 2008, average spending for each adult person has not changed, amounting to 52.8 thousand dollars.

Украина и РФ поставили рекорд по падению доходов

Schedule of welfare in different countries. Photo: Credit Suisse

In the context of this indicator, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus was among the countries where an adult has less than 5 thousand dollars. Together with them, this group also included a number of African countries, India and Kazakhstan.

In turn, Russia, Poland and Romania joined the group of States where state residents in terms of per capita varies from 5 to 25 thousand dollars.

As reported Корреспондент.net, more than 72% of Ukrainians consider themselves poor.

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