Ukraine and Turkey to abolish restrictions on trucking

Украина и Турция отменят ограничения на грузоперевозки

Restrictions on road transportation between Ukraine and Turkey will cancel

Ukrainian-Turkish Commission on international road transport agreed on the abolition of restrictions from 2019.

Ukraine and Turkey agreed to remove restrictions on the implementation of bilateral and transit cargo transportation from 2019. About that the countries agreed during the meeting of Ukrainian-Turkish Mixed Commission on international road transport, held 3-4 October in Ankara, the press service Mininfrastruktury.

“The most important achievement is the agreement to transition to a permit-free system for bilateral and transit cargo transportation between Ukraine and Turkey. The parties agreed before the end of October 2018 to develop a draft Protocol on amendments to the existing bilateral agreement and to exert maximum effort for signing in 2019”, – stated in the message.

It is also noted that at the time of signature and entry into force of the relevant amendments to the Agreement the parties agreed, starting in 2019, to exchange additional permissions for the implementation of bilateral traffic in unlimited quantities, to meet the needs of domestic carriers.

“In 2018, the Ukrainian side will additionally receive the following number of permits: bilateral 1000; 1000 for an empty entry of vehicles; 500 to/from third countries. For 2019, the parties agreed on the provisional quota of permits for international road freight transport: bilateral 7000; 4000 transit; transit 10 000 U; 2500 to/from third countries; 5000 for an empty entry of vehicles”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, Ukraine has agreed to increase the quota of permits for the implementation of road transport with the Czech Republic.


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