Ukraine began selection of gas from storage

Украина начала отбор газа из хранилищ

Ukraine began using gas from underground storage facilities

Selection is started in connection with the start of the heating season.

Underground storage of Ukraine on 24 October for the first time in the spring moved on to the extraction of natural gas in connection with the beginning of the heating season. It is reported by the company, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

As noted, on Tuesday the vaults was pumped to 1.33 million cubic meters of gas in the selection of 5.41 million cubic meters, which led to a reduction in the reserves up to 16 billion 969,64 million cubic meters.

Overall, since March 22, when they were the smallest ones gas reserves in underground storage facilities this year, on October 23, vaults enriched with 8 billion 100,43 million cubic meters to 16 billion 973,72 million cubic meters. m, which is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers to plan the accumulation of 17 billion cubic meters of reserves in underground storage facilities by November 1 2017.

Imports of natural gas by Ukraine on 24 October was 37,829 million cubic meters – is the use of only 57,5% of the existing technical possibilities of supply from Europe (65,743 million cubic meters). So, the Slovak route on Tuesday was uploaded by 43.8% (imported – 18,613 million cubic meters of gas), Hungarian – for 90.3% (15,163 million cubic meters), Poland – 62.9% (4,053 million cubic meters).

Gas production in Ukraine on 24 October was 58,277 million cubic meters (“ukrgazvidobuvannya” – 42,772 million cubic meters, “Ukrnafta” – 2,714 million cubic metres to other companies – 12,791 million cubic meters).

Recall that Ukraine may again start buying gas directly from Gazprom after the transfer to Europe of Russian gas on the border with Russia.