Ukraine began to live in the winter time

Украина начала жить по зимнему времени

In Ukraine transferred the clock to winter time

In the night from 28 to 29 October in Ukraine transferred the clock one hour ago.

Sunday, October 29, Ukraine switched to “winter time”. At 4:00 clocks were moved one hour back.

The transition to daylight saving time occurs according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers On procedure of calculation time on the territory of Ukraine No. 509 dated may 13, 1996.

“To enter on the territory of Ukraine the order of computation of time: second time zone (Kyiv time) with translation-clockwise every year on the last Sunday of March at 3:00 on 1:00 forward and the last Sunday of October at 4:00 on 1:00 back”, – the document says.

Previous daylight saving time Kiev and Moscow for seven months lived in the same time. Now the one-hour difference will return.

In Venezuela saving light will be using the clock

In our days more than 110 countries around the world are switching to summer and winter time. Does this overall, 161 countries including Guinea, Vietnam, Algeria, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Kenya and others.