Ukraine begins implementation of the European rules of transit of goods – Ministry of Finance

Украина начинает внедрение европейских правил транзита товаров, - Минфин

Ukraine begins implementation of the European rules of transit of goods within the framework of systemic reform of customs. This is stated in the message published on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

As noted, the bill was approved at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting.

In particular the document provides for the enforcement of transit procedures in accordance with the European Convention on common transit regime and the Convention on simplification of formalities in trade in goods.

“You plan to use in Ukraine, among other things, certain types of customs declarations, similar to those used in the EU for the common transit procedure in trade between the Contracting parties to the Convention. It is also envisaged in Ukraine customs formalities with the use of information and telecommunication systems, based on European technologies and functioning on the international level,” the report States.

It is emphasized that the introduction of European rules of transit of goods is important because is one of the obligations of Ukraine in accordance with the Association Agreement with the EU.

The Ministry forecast that the adoption of this law will lead to the fact that the guarantees issued by Ukrainian banks, will be valid on the territory of all Contracting parties to the Convention, and would also eliminate the need to declare export goods at the EU border (this will be done in Ukraine, for export shipment).

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“The use of European transit rules will allow companies to use a single customs Declaration and a single guarantee for the movement of goods from its members in the company. As a consequence, will significantly accelerate and reduce the cost of movement of goods, which should benefit all participants in the supply chain – exporters, carriers, importers”, – stated in the message.

Thus, according to the Finance Ministry, is expected to reduce the number of customs formalities and obtaining customs of other countries, advance information on goods prior to their crossing of the Ukrainian border.

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The Ministry also noted that to ensure the test operation at the national level, the new computerized transit system (NCTS), the Ministry of Finance made changes to some departmental classifications of information on the state of customs, which led codes on the individual documents and types of customs declarations in line with European directories.