Ukraine buys gas before winter

Украина запасается газом перед зимой

The UGS will be 17 billion cubic meters of gas reserves.

Ukraine has accumulated for the heating season in their underground storage of 17 billion cubic meters of gas. The decision adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, said first Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv on Wednesday, August 31.

“The issue really was considered at the Cabinet meeting and discussed as necessary conditionally – 17 billion cubic meters (with a focus on the cold winter) or 14 billion cubic meters (with a focus on warm winter)… we should Count on the cold winter. If the gas remains, it will be possible to implement it later,” he said.

Kubiv also said that “everything will be balanced, and gas purchased”.

Ukraine for the winter until enough gas

As reported Корреспондент.net, Naftogaz of Ukraine buys gas in the EU at a price lower than that stipulated in the contract with Russia’s Gazprom.

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