Ukraine buys gas from Russia for 400 days

Украина не покупает газ у России уже 400 дней

In December gas imports from the EU will amount to approximately 1.66 billion cubic meters.

Ukraine does not import natural gas contract with Gazprom for 400 days, for 13 months. All the necessary amounts of fuel are purchased exclusively in the European Union.

Thus, the fall of Ukraine has gained in Western countries 4.6 billion cubic meters, and in December, imports would amount to approximately 1.66 billion cubic meters.

As stated in Naftogaz, Ukraine buys gas from Russia because of the reluctance of the Russian side to sign an additional agreement to the existing contract. This document must be recorded waiver of the conditions “take or pay” gas purchases, and the parameters of its selection, payment and delivery.

As reported Корреспондент.netUkraine will not buy gas from Russia before the end of winter. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin complained in the European Union in Ukraine, which does not want to buy Russian gas.

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