Ukraine can become a Texas. The Minister’s visit of USA

Украина может стать Техасом. Визит министра из США

The American Minister at Trypilska TES

Rick Perry spoke about the energy potential of Ukraine, interest of us companies and the opposition to the Nord stream-2.

The Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry concluded his visit to Ukraine. He checked, as are supplies of coal from Pennsylvania for Ukrainian power, and also discussed the expansion of the supply of nuclear fuel from U.S. nuclear power plants of Ukraine and other issues of the energy sector.

Perry assured that the United States remains opposed to construction of gas pipelines Nord stream-2 and Turkish, and said that Ukraine has the potential to become the “Texas of Europe”. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Ukraine could become the Texas of Europe

Ukraine has high resource potential and can become a European Texas, said the Minister of energy of the USA meeting with representatives of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Business Council US-Ukraine.

“You can not only be a major supplier in terms of delivery of liquefied natural gas through Poland, and then from there provide Europe. Potential exploration and production in Ukraine is – and this is sort of my statement: Ukraine could become the Texas of Europe,” said Perry.

Kicking off my visit to Ukraine with a stop at the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant.

— Rick Perry (@SecretaryPerry) 10 Nov 2018


To develop these resources Ukraine is able to attract strong international companies, he said. But they, according to the Minister, will only come to a country where there are fair trials, healthy competition in the industry, transparent business environment, open data and no corruption.

He said that ten years ago it was said that the world has already mined all wycofanie fuel, but since then, the US managed, according to the Minister, become the number one country in oil production.

“These resources have always been there and innovation and technology has allowed us to access it. And today the United States is, ” said Perry, who was Governor of Texas 2000-2015.


U.S. companies are interested in Ukraine

The American Minister has assured that Washington will continue to cooperate with Ukraine in the creation of the interagency operational headquarters in the event of sabotage and nuclear incidents.

“I would like to voice a very important message that the President trump and his administration are strong partners of Ukraine,” said Perry during the meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

In particular, the US has help in the development of emergency protocols for the operation of the Ukrainian energy facilities during the heating season. And also in diversifying the import of nuclear fuel, half of which Ukraine has already received from the American Westinghouse wesmen Russian.

Perry stressed that many American companies are interested in cooperation with Ukraine.

Gazprom is not paid. Fitch placed Naftogaz B-

“We have many companies who will be interested to come here and to talk with the Ukrainian government on the issue of geological exploration, the laying of the planned pipelines, infrastructure potential, which gives many citizens of Ukraine work and improve their quality of life,” he said.

The American Minister also has declared readiness to become the partner of Ukraine in the energy sector.

“We are ready to support the efforts of Naftogaz, for the separation of gas production from distribution, unbundling. We would also like to support the efforts of Ukraine on liberalization of the electricity market and enhance transparency,” the Minister said.

He also noted the recent positive initiatives in the energy sector, particularly in the area of disclosure of geological data about the areas of energy production, simplify licensing.

“All these activities send a clear message both to the government and the private sector of the United States and to European colleagues of Ukraine. This suggests that Ukraine is serious about reform process,” added Perry.

Opposition to Nord stream-2

The United States remains opposed to construction of gas pipelines Nord stream-2 and Nord stream, through which Russian gas goes to Europe bypassing the Ukrainian territory, said Perry at a meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

“The United States continues opposition… And the reason is very clear: citizens of Ukraine and Europe should not become hostage to energy supplies from one source,” he said.

He noted that the United States has the ability to impose sanctions against the participants of the project, the decision rests with the President Donald trump.

Save SP-2. Merkel is ready to buy gas from America

“Thank you, President Poroshenko, for your commitment to energy diversification. United States continues to oppose Nord stream-2 and any source of energy that can be hostage to the unstable state of the subjects. US ready to give our allies a vast and affordable supplies of energy,” wrote Perry on Twitter.

On the website of the Ukrainian President noted that Ukraine is interested in attracting modern American technologies in the field of development of oil and gas.

The American Minister noted that the United States intends to fight its “energy Arsenal.”

“Countries that continue to abuse their position in the field of energy, promoting its own political goals, I remind you that today America is the world’s largest producer of both oil and gas. We have the largest energy Arsenal. And we intend to use ego as a tool of liberation, not conquest,” said the us official.


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