Ukraine cancels duties on canadian used car

В Украине отменят пошлину на канадские б/у авто

It will apply to all cars produced in Canada.

Duty on imports to Ukraine of second-hand cars produced in Canada, shall be 0%. It does not matter from what country imported the vehicle. In an interview with said the General Director of Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko.

Also gradually cancel fees on new cars.

“Duties on new cars from Canada cleared immediately. A transitional period of eight years. In the first year will have to pay 7/8 of the reference rate is within 7% of the customs value, that is, 6,125%, in the second year 3/4 (5.25 percent), etc.” – said Nazarenko.

Will also have to pay 20% VAT. But even in this case customs clearance will turn out cheaper than European cars. If at the last customs charge 30-33 per cent of the cost, the fee for canadian will be approximately 27-29%.

Earlier, Canada ratified the agreement on FTA with Ukraine.

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