Ukraine does not fit into the planned 2017 budget deficit – Watermelon

Украина не впишется в запланированный в 2017 дефицит бюджета – Арбузов

Serhiy Arbuzov

In his opinion, the first threat is too high based on privatization and specefication.

Ukraine in 2017 will not be able to fit in the prescribed by the International monetary Fund the budget deficit of 3% of GDP. About this on his page in Facebook wrote ex-head of NBU, former first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov.

In his opinion, the first threat is too high based on privatization and specefication. The second incorrect calculation of income.

“Another interesting point is the willingness of the NBU to disband reserves loan refinancing Privat… as a result of this scheme, the planned revenues from the NBU to the state budget increased by 10 billion hryvnia,” – he wrote Watermelon.

In addition, in his opinion, the country’s growing public sector, the national Bank will, most likely, to restructure the bonds in your portfolio. Now, in connection with the necessity of nationalization of Private, instead of paying off the portfolio, rather, it will grow further.

“If you go back to the planned deficit of 77.5 billion and add to it the above-mentioned gaps (and this is not a complete list), then go to the level of deficit is not 3% of GDP, and closer to 4.5%. Obviously, the IMF such liberties the government will allow and will have to cut expenses, including social,” – predicts former official.

We will remind, on December 26 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the state budget for 2017.

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