Ukraine does not fulfill the plan to repair roads

Украина не выполнит план по ремонту дорог

In Ukraine in 2017 will not repair all the roads

For road repairs came in about 15 billion less than stated in the beginning of the year scrip.

In Ukraine in 2017 will be overhauled about 2 thousand kilometers of roads of the planned 2.5 thousand kilometers due to insufficient funding. This was stated by Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian.

According to him, early in the year for repair of roads promised to allocate 35 billion, but received only more than 20 billion.

“We proceeded from the assumption that we will build about 2.5 thousand kilometers of roads. Because funding is not received to the extent in which it was planned, in fact we have more than 20 billion, respectively, our forecast – 2 thousand roads at the end of the year,” said Omeljan.

We will remind, earlier Vladimir Omelian announced that all roads that are being built in Ukraine this year, there is a guarantee for five years.