Ukraine dropped in the index of passports in the world

Украина опустилась в индексе паспортов мира

Ukrainians can still travel without visas in 128 countries

Ukraine has lost three positions in the ranking because traffic of a number of other countries. The absolute champion became a Japanese passport.

Ukraine dropped from 38 to 41 of the 106 in the updated ranking of passports in the world according to Henley & Partners.

It is noted that although in three months and Ukraine dropped in the ranking, it was only due to the motion of a number of other countries. Citizens of Ukraine can still visit without a visa record for the country of 128 States.

One rung is still Nicaragua.

At the same time most “mobile” is the passport of Japan – its holders can visit without a visa 190 countries of the world, which was a record indicator for all time of existence of the index. Three months ago Japan shared the first place with Singapore but the Japanese got visa-free access to Myanmar, leaving Singapore in second place (of 189 countries with visa-free visit).

Germany, which until recently was the undisputed leader of the index, takes the third place (188 countries). The same figure for South Korea and France. Fourth place is shared by Denmark, Italy, Spain, Finland and Sweden.

Meanwhile, Russia holds the 47th place in the index, with visa-free access in 119 countries of the world, Moldova – 46-e a place (122 countries), Belarus – 68th (77 countries).

Index of passports of Henley & Partners, formerly known as the Index of visa restrictions, is an international ranking of countries in terms of freedom of movement they provide to their citizens. The index has been published since 2006 in cooperation with the International air transport Association (IATA), which maintains the world’s largest database of tourist information.

Earlier it was reported that the passport of Ukraine took 24-th place in the ranking of Global Passport Power Rank 2018.


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