Ukraine due to frost increased the volume of gas from storage

Украина из-за морозов увеличила отбор газа из хранилищ

Gas reserves in underground storage facilities reduced

Since the beginning of the heating season, stocks in underground storage facilities decreased to 14.28 billion cubic meters of gas.

Freezing was forced to almost double the extraction of natural gas from Ukrainian underground storage facilities. This is according to the company, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

According to estimates, if during the 1-9 of January the average daily lifting of gas from storehouses was 40.8 million cubic meters, 10-13 January, it increased to 74.3 million cubic metres with a steady import for the current month at the level of 25.6 million cubic meters/day.

In December 2017 the average daily selection of gas from underground storage facilities amounted to 46 million cubic meters, while import 30.8 million cubic meters/day.

In General, Ukraine from the beginning started on the 24th of October the heating season and to 13 January 2018 and reduced natural gas reserves in its underground storages (UGS) 17.4% (2 billion 945,2 million cubic meters) – up to 14 billion 28,52 million cubic meters.

The selection of gas from storage a year ago – January 13, 2017 – $ 55,09 million cubic meters in reserves of 11 billion 108,22 million cubic meters, two years ago 93,52 million cubic meters (12 billion 540,27 million cubic meters) three years ago – 64,53 million cubic meters (10 billion 422,57 million cubic meters).

Thus, the reserves of gas in Ukrainian underground storage facilities 13 Jan-2018 26.3%, 11.9% and 34.6 per cent more than at the same date 2017, 2016 and 2015, respectively.

Recall that the volume of gas in underground storages of Ukraine as of 24 December fell to 14.9 billion cubic meters.