Ukraine entered the top three world exporters of honey

Украина вошла в тройку мировых экспортеров меда

In 2017 the top three producers of honey accounted for about 40% of all exports. In the price segment of Ukraine competes with China, Vietnam, Argentina and India.

Ukraine’s share in total world exports of honey in 2017 is 10%. This was announced by the national consultant, Food and agriculture organization (FAO) Anna Burke on his page in Facebook.

“A leader among the world exporters of honey is China with a share in total exports at 19%, followed by Ukraine and Argentina, with almost equal share – 10%. Thus, in 2017 the top three accounted for about 40% of the total export volume,” said Burke.

According to her, in Ukraine, almost all the export volume in bulk (not packaged – ed.). In this price segment in Ukraine competes with China, Vietnam, Argentina and India.

About half of the total volume imported by EU countries. The main importers were: Germany 12%, UK and France – 6%. The second largest buyer of honey are the USA – 30% of the global total. Further, the significant backlog, followed by Japan, China and Saudi Arabia.

However, as noted, despite the leadership position among world exporters of honey, China imports a significant portion of honey, mainly from New Zealand (more than 70% Manuka honey).

“For two years, imports grew by 25%. The growth of demand for imported honey helps as an increase in the standard of living of the population, and the global trend for healthy food and consumption of natural products”, – stated in the message.

The expert also noted that on the background of the top ten exporters of the allocated New Zealand.

“Despite the relatively small volume of exports of honey – a total of 11.1 thousand tons – the average cost exceeds $24 and 32. the Explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple – the supply of Manuka honey (one of the most expensive types of honey). In addition, 80% of honey intended for export is Packed products”, – explained in the message.

In General, the volume of world trade in honey during the last five years grew by 18% and reached in 2017 690,3 thousand tons with a total cost of $2,37 billion.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine in 11 days quota limits on imports of honey to the EU. There are about 400 thousand beekeepers, which together produce an average of 70 thousand tons of honey per year, which is the highest in Europe.

Almost 80% of Ukrainian honey is exported. The potential production, based on crops of honey plants – up to 140 thousand tons of honey per year, twice the current volumes.

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